Training and Consulting

in Sustainable Agriculture

Hi There! I'm Marcello Bianchi

My name is Marcello and I am an agricultural consultant, but first of all a farmer. I have a certificate in Permaculture and I am skilled in natural agronomic techniques, in particular in the commercial production of organic vegetables and in the sustainable farm design.

I have a background in advertising graphics, marketing and communication, where I graduated in 2006. Over the years I have also worked on the business model development for startups.
My agricultural experience began in 2011 in Australia, where I moved to study and develop different agronomic techniques. I worked in both organic and conventional farms in order to compare the different agricultural models applied.

In 2012 I received my certificate as a Permaculture Designer at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Later on, I had the opportunity to work on farm design alongside Geoff Lawton, Paul Taylor and Graham Brookman.

Back in Italy, in 2015, I started my own farm, Maso Zepp, an organic certified Alpine micro-farm where I produce vegetables, eggs and herbs.

Over the years, I have decided to combine my agricultural skills with my marketing experience in order to promote sustainable and profitable farming and business practices. In order to offer comprehensive and professional training and consultancy services, I collaborate nationally and internationally with other farmers, consultants, public institutions and universities.

My services

I focus on intelligent farm design and the key role of soil biology

My services are dedicated to professional farmers and people who desire having their own farm. I like to train, help in making choices, give security and assist farmers in the achievement of their profitable, sustainable and functional farming projects.


I organize public and individual training courses, customized on your request. You can decide the content to be studied.


Support to the farmer at the various development stages of the farm. Help in making choices, identifying solutions and strategies.


Follows the consulting. It is a service of follow-up, monitoring and security in the making of your project.


In order to design your farm, you will learn its ethical principles, design techniques, the territory survey and agroecology.


You will learn the method, cultural techniques, post-harvest, crop planning and management. Access to dedicated spreadsheets.


You will learn to maximize time, energy, effort and money, establish working protocols, the supply chain and increase value.


Graphic scale design, of the farm, a single element to be developed, the gardens or of the Permaculture design.


Creation of business plans and cost planning, business management and planning, marketing and communication, sales management.


Spreadsheets for crop planning, sowing and transplanting, crop processing, harvest and yield estimations.

My Process:

That's how I work

1. Diagnosis and Inspection

2. Analysis and Evaluation

3. Proposals and Solutions

4. Design Consulting

5. Coaching

Maso Zepp


Maso Zepp is an Alpine micro-farm with organic certification. It is designed on the principles of Permaculture and agroecology. We are specialized in cultivation on steep slopes and in Alpine climate, we work at 1100 meters above sea level. Over the years we have developed our agronomic system, which allows the management of a multifunctional farm, being able to achieve high productivity in limited spaces.

My Vision

Demonstrate and spread a truly sustainable model of agriculture for food production.

Using method and rationality, to increase biodiversity and the farmer's earnings,
to obtain high quality products, to create a local community of consumers and to guarantee a healthy lifestyle for growers.

contact me

info @ marcellobianchi.com